The Journey

Our family started a journey a couple years ago of questioning the norm, and it ruined the lives we lived…in a good way. We had a car payment, television, credit card debt, and were beginning to live a life of collecting unnecessary stuff. After lots of long talks and some looking at the people around us, we decided to become radically different. We sold the car and survived a Colorado winter on our bikes and the bus, ditched the television, got rid of lots of stuff, and bought an older car with saved up cash. What happened was not just a lifestyle change, but a heart and soul change as well. I became a person who lived in the moment, not just thinking about the next thing I had to do. I came home to a quiet house every night and enjoyed long talks with my husband. I learned to be content and appreciate more the things I had. I learned to live off of a part-time income. I learned to look around at those who had none and wanted to give them my all. I became someone who believes a simpler life free of piles of stuff makes for a happier, more fulfilled life. I became someone who regained my passion for writing and helping others, and started this blog.

I’m doing this to help others get to a place of peace in life through minimalism. There is a simplicity and beauty in life that we drown everyday by the noise of our televisions and our worry. I want you to remember what your passions are and stop trading them in for what our peers say is security. I want you to live a life you are truly happy with.

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