A Girl’s Gotta Have Her Shoes?

Women carry a stigma for loving accessories. Ever heard of “Diamond’s are a girl’s best friend”? Or the quote above? I heard that just this week and for the first time, an alarm sounded. Where did women ever learn that they needed more shoes and more jewelry? Why is it okay that our closets are stuffed full with scarves, necklaces and high heels that are worn twice a year?

The BBC News says that one in every two women claim more than thirty pairs of shoes to their closets. Some women say the reason for the craze is that you will never gain enough weight to outgrow your shoes. Any size woman can throw on a pair of Manolo Blahnik heels and feel fabulous, they say. The other reason is that no matter how terrible of a hair day you’re having and if your outfit’s undone, you can throw on a statement necklace and feel instantly better about yourself.

Well, I’m not buying it. I think we live in a world where we aren’t satisfied with what we have, so we buy more, including women’s accessories. But isn’t it possible that we don’t all need a different pair of shoes and necklace for every day of the month? Here are my reasons why we pile on the accessories and why we should stop:

  • The Wedding Dress Syndrome: This is the shoe or piece of jewelry that was bought for a special occasion, but has sat in a closet since. You hold onto it simply because it’s attached to a memory. The reason to get rid of this item? Just like a wedding dress, it will continue to sit in your closet until you decide that maybe you really don’t need it and possibly someone else could have a special time with it. You have the pictures of the event and the memories in your mind, so there’s no need to keep an extra accessory around to never be used.
  • The Clearance Item: You bought this shoe or necklace on sale and can’t part with it because it was such a good deal. You can’t really think of a time when you’ll just NEED a polka dot wedge, but you never know, right? There are only a few basic items you need in your accessory bin: sandals, sneakers, maybe snow boots, possibly work shoes, and just maybe a scarf for the colder seasons. So, unless you have worn out one of those and are replacing it, skip the clearance section all together and you’ll never even be tempted.
  • The Insecurity Binge: You were feeling a little down while shopping, so you bought more than you normally would to make yourself feel better. You probably will wear what you bought for a few weeks, and you feel amazing when you get home with all this new stuff. But the shoes really aren’t practical, so they’ll mostly stay in the closet. This is called retail therapy and it’s a bad place to be. When you use shopping one time to feel better, you will keep going back to it. Eventually,  the happiness you initially felt will wear off and you will need more new stuff to feel better about yourself. Instead of hitting the mall, try working out or calling a friend, and donate those items that have lost their magical powers of making you feel amazing.
  • The Fashionable Item: What I have to say about this one is… Really? This is the shoe that you saw in a magazine and just had to have because it looked so great on that model. And plus, they said it was going to be in season. But the problem with this item is just that, it will only be in style for one season. Ditch this habit because chances are you’ll have to replace it in a few months for the next trend, and it’s probably not the most comfortable shoe anyways.

Living a more simple life means getting rid of the things in your life (and your closet) that are extra. Follow these tips and begin the process of cleaning out your accessories and I guarantee that in a month, you will not even remember half of the things you get rid of. Sometimes the process takes longer, which is perfectly fine, but the end goal is to ask yourself what you really need and what is just taking up space in your life.

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