Lessons Learned While Slowing it Down

For Christmas, Bryan and I stayed two nights in a yurt in Golden Gate Canyon State Park in Golden, Colorado. It. Was. Amazing. We read a lot, sat by the fire, drank apple cider and hot cocoa, left our phones off and computer at home, went hiking, took some beautiful pictures, and spent some time just enjoying each other. It reminded me how beautifully simple life can be. Every mile we got out of the city, the less I worried about the end of the quarter at work, the budget I needed to update, the lack of money I had made that week, the dishes that kept piling up, and how we are going to save money. The smog disappeared and before we knew it, we were in the quiet comfort of the wooded mountains. Even my dog seemed happier! It’s not that our lives in the city are terrible by any means, but being away from it always gives us the perspective we need. We can ask questions about what we will do with our lives, how long will we wait to have kids, what career path will Bryan take, what makes us happy, how can we serve in ministry in a way that we feel Jesus would ask of us, do I still love doing hair, and where do we see ourselves living in the long run. We took full advantage of everything this trip had to offer and came back rested, happy, and content.

After we got back from our trip, we spent a few days house sitting for some friends. Complete 180. We had television, internet, lots of food available, and a huge house to explore. We spent three days coming home from work and vegging out in front of the television! Pretty quickly, I stopped wanting to walk all the way to the bus stop in the cold, I found myself watching Jersey Shore just because it was on, and I found myself feeling like what I had was inadequate based on the commercials I watched. Suddenly, I needed a new cell phone and needed to start dying my hair. Even though it was only a few days and nothing drastic, I didn’t like who I was becoming and what I was buying into. I don’t like the me that doesn’t feel good enough.

I am just as weak as anyone out there trying to live a simple life. The reason we are so strict about our living isn’t because we think we are better than anyone. It’s because we know that if we let ourselves have a tv, all we would do is watch it. If we constantly watched advertisements that told us we needed more than we had to be happy, we would fall for it. These past couple weeks supplied a much needed reality check to the fact that we are not above becoming what we don’t want to become, and I am so grateful we experienced it. This week, I am reading the books I bought with Christmas money, doing a lot of journaling and writing, relishing in the fact that Bryan is going down to part-time at his job this week, and slowing down a bit. And this sounds like the perfect balance to me!

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