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When I first started getting into minimalism, I thought I was the only one who lived such a different life. My father-in-law emailed me an article from the New York Times and I discovered a whole online community of people who understood my life decisions and chose the same ones for their lives. This community of bloggers provided some amazing resources that challenged me, helped me refocus when I needed it, and brought some different perspectives. And the best part for a girl on a tight budget, a lot of these resources are free! In this post, I’d love to share with you the free books that I’ve found beneficial in the start of my journey.

Connect & Conquer: A Digital Guide by Mars Dorian

Mars Dorian of The World Needs You wrote this guide to inspire anyone looking to use networking to better their business. As a hairstylist by day and a blogger by night, networking is the life of both of my businesses, and I found this guide super helpful in reminding me of that. In our day in age, we have unlimited means available to us and this guide is the perfect tool to show you how to use those means. Another thing I loved about this guide is that it’s realistic. At the very beginning of the guide, Mars lets his readers know that he’s tried using every platform out there and that it’s much more beneficial to stick to one or two and completely rock those one or two. He then spends the rest of his time showing you how to do that practically and focusing on how to grow a business well by connecting on a friendship level with peers, by spreading community, and by listening more than speaking.

Small Way to Make a Big Difference by Raam Dev

Raam Dev is an incredible blogger who speaks on sustainability, changing the world through changing yourself, and minimalism at its core. He is a self-proclaimed “digital nomad” who’s desire to see a better world take shape shines through all of the words he types into a post. Small Ways is a compilation of advice from over 40 bloggers about topics such as recycling, taking time off, quieting your mind, and living consciously. The advice is practical and attainable and I found this book incredibly inspiring when I needed to be reminded of the good in the world.

Minimalist Health by Tammy Strobel

Tammy Strobel was the woman I first read about in that New York Times article, and the first blogger I started reading frequently. Her work is simple and easy to understand, yet profoundly deep and life changing. In Minimalist Health, she goes through several different categories such as food, clutter, addictions, television, and work to show you how to tweak the way you handle each category and live a healthy lifestyle. For each category, she has small micro actions for someone taking baby steps to consider. Some of her awesome micro actions include shopping at farmer’s markets, limiting time on the internet,and examining spending patterns. This is the book for you if you need small, practical tips for delving into the minimalist lifestyle in a healthful way.

Minimalist Freedom by Nina Yau

Minimalist Freedom is a manifesto written by the amazing Nina Yau, a minimalist nomad who quit her corporate job to travel the world. This book is for anyone who feels constrained by expectations to work the 9-5 lifestyle and have the house with the white picket fence. Nina has faced those pressures and walked away from the “corporate dream”, so she speaks from experience. This book is a push for those who daydream about living life their way, but can’t seem to make the next step. Nina is a fiercely passionate writer and Minimalist Freedom is her outlet for that passion.

Check out all of these free e-books and while your at these blogs, poke around a little bit. All of these writers are incredibly talented and like me, won’t write about what they haven’t experienced. And as always, please share these resources with a friend if they help you out!

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2 Responses to Free Resources You Need to Know About

  1. Raam Dev says:

    Hi Kate! It’s so nice to find your blog! I fell into this lifestyle design / minimalism community almost as randomly as you did! It’s absolutely incredible to find so many like-minded people who share our goals… there is so much support and inspiration here. 🙂

  2. Kate says:

    Thanks Raam! Good to know there are others with the same goal for sure! I’ve connected with and interviewed a couple people and everyone I’ve spoken to has been awesome! Thanks for the support!

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