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The Things I Keep

In one week, I will be moving out of my apartment. A week after that, I will be living out of my car with my husband and dog for a couple weeks traveling through Utah, Idaho, and Oregon. As I’m … Continue reading

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Simplifying Our Transportation

We are accustomed to living lives of convenience. We can take a plane across the country in just a few hours, can record our favorite television shows and watch them whenever we want, and we can grab just about any … Continue reading

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On a Personal Note…

This is going to be a weird post, I’m just saying. You might feel like you’re reading my journal. However, I’ve had a really hard couple months dealing with family issues and it has made me ask some really tough … Continue reading

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Engaging in Your City

Living an intentional life goes beyond your own household. It means living intentionally in community, in the neighborhood and city that you live in. Living a life of purpose that is far more than what most people realize minimalism is. … Continue reading

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Experience to Experience

The temptation for a minimalist is to live life to the extreme. Become location independent, travel all over the world with no plans, ditch those who become negative influences in your journey. None of these things are bad, and in … Continue reading

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Choosing an Allegiance

We all do it. By the clothes we choose to put on our back, the food we allow ourselves to eat, and the words that come out of our mouth. Whether we call ourselves a Christian, American, Republican, Vegetarian, or … Continue reading

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Interview with Dusti Arab

Dusti Arab is the author of Minimalist Adventures. I’ve been reading her blog for a few months now and seen it grow in an unbelievable way. I absolutely admire how she doesn’t let her age or the fact that she … Continue reading

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